So, you've been asking for some new additions to our Best Underground Rappers list....well, we listen when you speak and...here you go!


We've just added the wildly entertaining and dynamic Hopsin to our Top 7! Hopsin has been on our radar for a while now, but to be honest we just weren't convinced about this cat quite yet.

He caught our attention initially, with his "Sag My Pants" single back in 2010. We were feeling his flow and delivery, but felt he could do better with his subject matter. Well, he made us feel a few more warm little fuzzies for him with his "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4" single. We loved the charisma and over the top presentation he did with the video. His flow got tighter and more complex and he was coming with some real clever shit.

The nail in the coffin for us was with his newest single "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" where we all became instant fans...once and for all! This track to us, will be the THEE track that propels this very talented dude into national recognition. Go check out the new page and write up we just posted and pick up his new single. It's siiiick!

Next up, and rounding our 2 newest additions to the Top 7 list is the young phenom from Compton, CA Kendrick Lamar! We've been watching/listening to Kendrick on the down low for some time now and after listening to his newest release "good kid, m.a.a.d city" we knew we would be just plain foolish to not have him on our list.

Kendrick has been making huge waves in the Hip-Hop community and has found a way to appeal to the mainstream as well as keep his loyal diehard underground followers happy!

We love how Kendrick approaches music. He has a definite feel for the tracks he's rhyming on and wraps his flow tightly around each bend. A true lyricist. We mentioned in our Tech N9ne write up how we loved the way Tech uses his voice like a "finely tuned instrument" when he spits. and the same can definitely be said for Kendrick.

His single "Swimming Pools" really helped to propel him into the mainstream limelight as well as endorsements from Dr. Dre and Snoop and other West Coast Hip-Hop pioneers. We invite you to hear and listen for yourself...so come check out the new page we added for Kendrick!

When you're done here's what we want you to do!

Leave us a comment below with some Underground MC's that you feel should be considered for our Best Underground Rappers list?

Tell us who? And Why?

best underground rappers
So when we first decided to put this site together, we immediately knew that one of the initial challenges was going to be dodging the flying shoes headed straight for us. We anticipate underground hip-hop heads, fans, fanatics (just like us by the way) having issues with our TOP 7 LIST saying things like "wait, wait, wait..so how is so and so not being talked about on your site? He's the dopest and he rips harder than all these other dudes because...etc, etc, etc."

We realize that a phrase like "best underground rappers" is not much different than saying something like "best flavors of ice cream." We get it. Really we do! Ice cream itself is just plain delicious and it's really hard to screw it up unless you're really making an effort to do so. Some days you're feeling a certain flavor over another, just kind of depends on how you're feeling that day right? BUT, ain't it funny how we always seem to come back to that same 1 or 2 flavors? We come back to these favorites because there's just that certain something about them that really appeals to us. You can't always explain "why" but you just know and feel it almost immediately upon first taste. You see where we're going with this? Yea, we REALLY love ice cream! No but yea, seriously... DON'T TRIP off the idea that our favorite flavors may not be the same as yours. After all, that's part of what makes this big blue marble we all live on such a fascinating place right? Individuality and subjectivity keep things fresh, new and unpredictable! That's fun! We like fun!

So, with that said, in an effort to be proactive about things, and NOT to sound like our word is THEE final word on all things Hip-Hop, we wanted to share with you why we love the "flavors" we do. We decided it would be well worth it to create a post that outlined our thought processes. The "formula" so to speak, that we use when determining who to feature on the site...and who not to. Who deserves to hold that title as one of the best underground rappers on the scene right now...and who might need to that pass that mic along to the next. ;)

So Here’s The Breakdown:

"Underground" - we are going keep things as simple as possible here, as we understand there are a million different opinions, definitions and meanings for this word. We are going to define Underground Rappers as any artist NOT currently signed to ANY of "The Big 3" major labels (Sony, Warner and Universal) AND/OR any of their corresponding "sub-labels" and NOT having any of their music played on ANY nationally syndicated radio. So essentially feel free to interchange the words "underground" and "independent" as you wish.

“Best” - again, refer to the above ice cream analogy for the "best" understanding of how we're going to define this word. Who best utilizes the attributes listed below.

The 4 main attributes we look for when determining who the best is:

  1. Skill - can this dude spit? This includes voice, cadence, and timing. Does he (or she) take full control of the track they’re rhyming on? Do they stumble over their words or are they clear and razor sharp with their delivery. An overall, unmistakable presence on the mic!
  2. Authenticity - there are plenty of skilled rappers out there, but sadly they make themselves look silly by presenting themselves as something they're not. If it ain't YOU...we're not feelin' it.
  3. Creativity/Content - it’s a beautiful thing when you hear a skilled, authentic emcee spit with creativity and brings a fresh new style isn't it? And we’re not talking just punchlines either, we’re talkin’ presenting big concepts (political, spiritual, emotion based..big picture, real life content) in a unique, clever and creative way. Think Common “I Used To Love Her”
  4. X Factor - Can’t quite put your finger on it...but dang that dude is DOPE! That certain something that you can't quite explain that makes that “flavor” just POP!
So there you have it. Again, this is just how we choose to break things down folks. It may or may not be the same way you see it, and hey THAT'S OK! ;) In fact...

We have a question for you:

Who do you think are some illest underground rappers right now?
What do YOU look for in an underground hip-hop artist?

Drop a quick comment in the Comment Box below, we'd love to hear what you have to say!

Peace, Love and Hip-Hop!

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